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Tours and Holidays Services

The experience of our teams makes all the difference in planning your ultimate journey. But it’s not just their intimate knowledge of destinations, hotels, activities and local events that make them so invaluable.

Every team member is a true travel enthusiast.

Each has the training and expertise in the travel industry to make journey planning a joy. Removing uncertainties, opening opportunities.

Our personal knowledge and local contacts mean we can create individual journeys that fulfill your aspirations.

Our travel teams talk to our regional people across the world on a daily basis, so we always know what’s going on, on the ground. It means we’re able to give you up-to-the-minute advice based on real knowledge and our actual experiences.

Then we find you exactly the destinations, hotels, events and activities that excite you, rather than trying to sell you what’s on the shelf. And we’re ready to create new plans, while you’re on holiday, in order to help you make even more of the experience

Underwater safaris, polar bear trekking, tribal dancing, lagoon-side dinners, volcano tours, Antarctic exploration, mountaineering, walking with elephants…if it is even remotely possible, our teams will make it happen.

We provide packaged travel tours within Nigeria, West Africa neighboring countries, the rest of African countries and the world at large.

Our Tours Division offers the following services:

1. Holiday Packages

2. Day Tours

3. School Educational Tours

4. Group Tours

5. Luxury Travel e.g. Luxury trains, Cruises

6. Adventure Tours

7. Honeymoon Parkage

Travel Tips

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