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Corporate Travel Management

Our Corporate Travel Consultants currently look after the travel arrangements of several companies.

We provide a 24 hour service 365 days of the year, so whatever time of the day, wherever you are, there will always be an experienced consultant available to assist with your travel arrangements.

1. Corporate Travel In-plant: based on request, we can set up and operate a full-service travel center in your company in any part of Nigeria at competitive pricing.

2. Corporate Travel Account: You can simply open an account with us, pick up your travel documents or have them delivered to your offices.

3. Credit Facility: This is designed to aid your cash flow by taking advantage of our limited credit facility which we provide in line with our Service Level Agreement.

4. Travel Policy and Management Consulting: We apply travel solutions mechanism including corporate travel management to effectively cut costs based on your Travel Policy.

5. Flexible Billing Arrangement: Multeng Travels and Tours is resourceful and result oriented towards the travel satisfaction of corporate organizations. To this end, travel arrangements and protocol is customized to fit the specific travel needs of corporate travellers including class, cost, hotel and insurance and routing. This system removes the rigidity and complexities associated with travel through our tailor made arrangement to fit all travel needs.

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